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Базовый 3ds max

How to learn 3d Max quickly from the beginning?

Course is for architects, designers, and not only ...

"This is the easiest and effective program to study

3D Max, which you only can imagine“

Aim of training: To give you a basis for effective 3D modeling of architectural and design objects using 3D Max and Vray in size, you will need for interior or exterior visualization.

For whom this training is?

    • Designers


  • Architects



  • Artists



  • Planners



  • Students of architectural and design professions.



  • Absolutely for everyone who wants to start with 3D Max, but do not know how to approach this.



  • For architects, designers — beginners and professionals. For those who already studied on some courses, but have not received the expected result.




Training is available in 3 versions, with different cost depending on the configuration.

But theoretical part is the same everywhere.

Difference is in bonuses and format of training.

The cost is 285$.

Write on coaching@d-e-s-i-g-n.ru or call +7 903 5761700

To register for training, to learn more or ask a question.

What is different in my program from all others?

1. I do not teach you "program" 3D Max. I teach to APPLY it in right direction.

2. This is unique author''s technique. You''ll be surprised by logic and sequential approach. You never find something like that.

3. A clear understanding of the tasks of architectural modeling. I''m not going to teach you not necessary things, for example, modeling characters or organic objects.

4. The speed of education. I understand that in today''s world time is money. You will learn 3d Max for 24 hours.

5. Operational support and answers to all questions.

6. As you see from name of title – this is a basic course. It aims to logic and understanding work principles.

Who''s the coach?

Let me introduce myself:

Stanislav Orekhov, art director, managing design and visualization studio www.d-e-s-i-g-n.ru


Trainer, author of hundreds of 3D and design works ,

follower practical teaching method.

The author of Art Trainings

Effective visualization of interiors

Effective visualization of exterior

More about me you can read in description of

Training for visualization (link above)

What will be on this Training?

1. I''ll introduce the logic of the program 3D Max to you , remove all incomprehensibility, I will give an ideal exact work algorithm.

You will no longer waste time on unnecessary actions.

2. You have guaranteed support and answers to all issues by the course.

3. I will give you a simple step by step learning algorithm:

1. Programlogic, settings, interface.

Main mistakes you can make starting study 3D Max by yourself from books or in special courses – this is learning of unnecessary information.

In Training I specifically do not stop on those things that you do not need on this stage, so you will get only information that is helpful for you and fast in learning on first stage. For example we will not learn particle objects, animation objects, complex modifiers and a lot of things that are not necessary for you now.

Actually you will need less than half the buttons, that you see on the screen now!

2. Key modifiers, modeling logic.

In studying this unit, people usually go into the deep jungle.

All secret in thing, that there are not so many really necessary modifiers.

Only 5-7 of them. To learn and remember them will take very short time.

3. Modelling of the classic room for 10 minutes

And other simple examples.

This unit will be analyzed in details, I also will provide you by video lessons, actions of which anybody can do right now.

The room literally grow on your eyes in 10 minutes!

4. Materials

Forget about complex materials. Everything has been done — just use your textures in my materials.

I''ll give you 4 most important parameters, changing which you can achieve almost any effect.

5. Textures

This is an important issue. You do not need tons of textures. All necessary already in the complex:

6. Models in scene

The scene is ready, let''s begin to simulate the model FILLING? Stop. Never!

This is a cheap job. Use already made model for the concept or order modeling from photos for 5 $ -10 $ for a model! At the first learning stage it''s wrong way to lose time on modeling .

1. I selected more than 50 different models.Use them for classical interiors.

2. Bush models and trees to process your exterior projects.

3. Specially prepared models of roses. Ten garden plants.

7. Cameras placemant and Configuration

It should not be difficult for you. If you an architect or designer, you know how is it necessary to show room or object from good angle. However you need to know how to do it technically.

If no – there is manual for the proper organization of the frame and setting angles depending the camera and the aspect ratio, visualized object.

8. Simple adjustment of light

Quick Setup of light (without tuning, as in visualization cource).

The block is available for those who complied with all the other tasks.

9. Vray Settings.

Never 3D Max studying was so easy, fast and intuitive.

Write on coaching@d-e-s-i-g-n.ru or call +7 903 5761700

To register for training, to learn more or ask a question.

Training Content

Part 1. Get to know program

1. Creating simple shapes.

2. Moving in space.

3. Interface objects in motion.




Part 2. Interface

1. Interface settings to function properly.

2. Work with mouse

3. The keyboard.

4. Interface Description

5. Upper interface (top) — toolbar.

6. Lower interface (Bottom) — responsible for:

7. Side Interface (Right) — creation and modification of objects

8. Viewport.

Part 3. Modeling

Three types of created objects and their description.

1. Parametric.

2. Based on Spline.

3. Edit Mesh / poly

Description, scope, logic, step by step instructions.

Fast editing of the created object.

Making objects complete realistic look.

Part 4. Modifiers Description

1. Modifiers that you need

2. Their application.

3. Use specific examples

Part 5. Creating a room

Practical application of knowledge acquired.

Step by step instructions create a model of classical room from zero for minutes at 50 steps.

Part 6. Recommendations in modeling.

1. Stages of work on the 3d scene from the beginning to the final.

2. Recommendations and additional important settings.

3. System unit

4. 4The requirement to clean geometry.

5. We use AutoCAD.

6. How to remove the size of the object in 3d max?

7. Correct Scaling

8. Rule of positioning objects

9. Groups

10. Layers

11. Object names

12. Navigation on objects.

13. Aditional settings.

14. Import of ready-made objects

15. Detailed analysis of methods to create the necessary elements of the interior:

- Floor

- Ceiling

- Walls

- Doors

- Windows

- Casing

- Skirting

- Cornice

- Decor

- Volumetric decor.

- Etc.

16.Detail methods analysis to create the necessary elements of the interior:

- Walls

- Openings

- Roof

- Tiles

- Drains

- Sills

- Windows

- Etc.

If you want something individual, we consider that too.

Part 7. Material Editor

1. Installation and preparing

2. Interface Material Editor

3. Choice of materials

4. Consider the control buttons and submenus, which they call

5. Consider the properties inside the material and available changes.

6. General recommendations on the use of materials.

Part 8. Texturing

1. The three most important rules of using textures.

2. How to apply a texture and assign this material to the object?

3. UVW

Part 9. Camera

1. 1. Interior camera. Options and features.

2. 2. Exterior camera. Options and features.

Part 10. Light

3. 1. Quick light settings.

4. 2. Save the file after render

5. 3. General principles of visualization and photorealistic.

6. 4. Images

* * *

What will not be at the training:

1. Complex modeling. How to create furniture, sofas, chairs and other items — all these models — the most used and sufficient for the concept — is in a bonus. Complex modeling — a specific job and it should be dedicated to a separate course and month practice. It is also the most poorly paid of the 3d jobs. I do not recommend spend time on it.

If you are looking for a specific furniture from photos — order it to modelers, and create main visualization scene for wich the basic money payed by yourself. That''s reasonable.

2. Deep analysis of all issued information. Material that I give is necessary and it''s anough for creating beautiful images. Not to make a huge book from efective course I do not give a detailed description of the reasons of use of a particular action. You have to beleive me that it''s right to do so. For the rest there are huge translations of help and other booksBible Series 3D Max.

The format of training.

1. Internet training. This means you do not need to go anywhere, to allocate a certain time to break away from regular business. Instead, simply educate in the evenings or in any other time in the comfort of your own pace and atmosphere. Parallel or Together with your main job. Step by step.

2. First you download the necessary training material and working with it.

3. All questions that arise during education you send me.

4. I"ll give the answers. We solve situations that suddenly does not work in your case.

5. Training consists of materials that You need to download (This is text, graphics, videos, reference, pictures, explanations, step by step instructions, models, materials, textures, bonuses, etc.) and Feedback , that you will receive by e-mail as you progress through the course will be.

For the feedback, you must send the resulting image or the text question.

Requirements for trainees — are minimal

1. Skills of computers users at the user level — windows and internet

2. The most important thing — desire to learn.

3. It will be necessary to complete the registration form.

4. Participation and homework.

Time needed.

1. Training is effective and perfectly optimized.

2. Ideally, you need only 24 hours to absorb the entire contents.

Guaranteed training results.

    • Logic of 3D Max, sequence.


  • You will understand that 3D Max — this is not scary and not difficult.



  • You will be able to repeat all that you learned without assistance, is the result you



will remain with you and cannot forget.

    • You will learn 3D Max to the necessary extent to create the exteriors and interiors.


  • Learn how to create and correctly applied of different textures and materials on objects .



  • Understand basics of lighting.



  • Place cameras.



  • Simulate a classic room and a modern building by yourself.



Write on coaching@d-e-s-i-g-n.ru or call +7 903 5761700

To register for training, to learn more or ask a question.

There are Training Workshop includes in training

Workshops — are easy projects for modeling

The program is designed to pass all the way from the modeling of the classical interior from zero to visualization of the interior. You will create your own scene by my drawings:

Drawings of simple houses for the modeling exercise.

More information about the CONTENT and the COST

Training is presented in 3 versions, with different cost depending on the configuration.

By the way theoretical part is the same everywhere. The difference in bonuses and format of training.

Silver version 285$

Gold version 415$

Platinum 835$

Key differences

Silver version – 285$

- A unique training program

- Support (answers to questions) 2 times a week for 1 month

Gold Version 415$

- A unique training program

- Support (answers) 2 times a week for 2 months

- A two-hour personal consultation.

- Bonuses GOLD version (see the complectation of bonuses below)

Platinum 835$

- A unique training program

- Support (answers to questions) every day for 2 months

- A four-hour personal consultation.

- Bonuses version PLATINUM (see composition of bonuses below).

How to pay?

1. Bank transfer to the account — is preferable.

2. Payment by Western Union, Contact, Webmoney, etc.

Write on coaching@d-e-s-i-g-n.ru or call +7 903 5761700

To register for training, to learn more or ask a question.

More information about Bonuses

Silver Bonus # 1

From Company www.3d-designya.ru

All participants of our course will receive this models. You can quickly combine

any concept of classic interior with help of them (more than 300 models).

The company "Designya" — a dedicated team of specialists, ready to cooperate in any of the areas of design activity. Developing the design concept of multifunctional residential complexes and houses, interior design and individual items, fulfills orders on 3D visualization and modeling.

Thank company www.3d-designya.ru for providing this bonus pack models.

Silver Bonus # 2

Additional models from the company www.doroom.ru

All participants of our course will receive the data models absolutely for free. These models are very important in modeling modern interiors.

Silver Bonus # 3

At your service — my personal library of materials Vray. You can no longer customize the materials and do not waste your time and energy — ready to take it. All of them were used in my projects.

Silver Bonus # 4

At your service — my personal library of materials Vray. You can no longer customize the materials and do not waste your time and energy — ready to take it. All of them were used in my projects.

Silver Bonus # 5

Profiles for rails, as if drawn in by the French book of the classical interiors

Silver Bonus # 6

    • Elements of exterior decoration for facades — you will not spend time on their creation.


  • Just do form of home and ready to use elements.



  • Forging



  • Balusters



  • Fences



  • Porch



  • Gates



  • Windows



  • Doors



  • Columns



  • Decor



  • Pipes



  • Facade elements



  • Rails, profile



  • Balconies



Silver Bonus # 7

Other elements of the interior — you do not have anything to model twice — take ready elements.

Wall panels. Proper proportional geometry.

Floor: tile. Models and textures.

Classic window with frames

Classic doors and stained glass

All sorts of columns and pilasters. Doric, Ionic, corinthian. Most important — made by real drawings.

They have the right proportions, unlike many other collections.

Silver Bonus # 8

3D library of all necessary architectural elements of the building

You don''t need to model it again — just always use already made and tested objects

Real 3D models on facades from "Arhikamen" www.archistone.ru

The company holds a leading position in the production of architectural decorative products made of such material, such as decorative Stone:

Framing window openings

Framing doorways

Columns and pilasters

Elements of filling


Decorative panels



Silver Bonus # 9


    • Organization working directory.


  • Where and how to keep the library to quickly find objects?



  • Where to get the necessary bases?



  • What it should be the base?



  • Terms of compiling and using of bases.



Write on coaching@d-e-s-i-g-n.ru or call +7 903 5761700

To register for training, to learn more or ask a question.

Gold version bonus

Gold version includes all bonuses of Silver version

Having this base is extremely important not to spend time creating already made by someone models. Each model takes time. There are thousands of them in the bonus!

Gold Bonus # 1

    • 3D Library of common architectural elements of the environment


  • Flowers



  • Compositions of flowers



  • Benches



  • Lighting



  • Pavilions



  • Fountains



  • Ground blocks



  • Plants in rinks



  • Stones



  • Table and chairs with umbrella



  • Lamps, Lighting



  • Fences



  • Pavilions



Gold Bonus # 2

3D Models of plant elements filling

Very beautiful and realistic:




Gold Bonus # 3

Intricate architectural and design elements for the modeling and filling of classical interiors.

Over 1000 objects.

Only quality and well-sorted, they immediately accelerate modeling projects in 10 times.

Curtain for taste of any designer.

Ceilings — Complex elements, stained-glass dome, painted.

Metal grating

A variety of outlets under the chandelier. At the preview of only a small part.

Various stucco decoration


Moldings on the walls

Write on coaching@d-e-s-i-g-n.ru or call +7 903 5761700

To register for training, to learn more or ask a question.

Platinum Version Bonuses

Platinum version includes bonuses Silver and Gold

Platinum Bonus # 1

The most complete library of trees, deciduous trees, conifers and palms.

More than 800 objects!

Preview plants Collection 1 — deciduous plants

Preview plants collection of 2 — coniferous Plants

Preview plants collection 3 – — Tropical palms

Write on start3dmax@design.ru or call +7 903 175 175 5

To register for training, to learn more or ask a question.


1. And if I can''t / will it work with me?

The answer — yes, if you just do what is written. We worked with different situations.

Even with housewives and schoolchildren.

2. Does it requires a lot of time? — I''m very busy.

The course takes 24 hours of pure time. Remember how many weeks have you think about how to start? How many times have opened a book or tutorial?

3. There are plenty of cources. How will I understand that this is really what I want.

1. Choose no courses – a teacher.

2. See reviews of previous participants.

3. Look at my works: www.design.ru and works of my students.

If you like them and you think I know what I say, you already answered this question.

4. You do not want to learn a theory from a book being taught in all courses,

but practices and the tips used by me every day? This is it.

5. My format is right for you learning?

6. You need the bonuses and the information which I share.

If yes – nice to meet you.

4.But I never participated in online training. How it will be?

This is the best format. In terms of price-quality-speed development.

This format teaches self-reliance that is so necessary in the CG. I can show you any actions, but really you will understand and remember it only by trying yourself.

It is very simple — I''ll give you theoretical material (it''s extremely friendly) with stepwise instruction of use. You''ll make a definite goal — get the result.

If you suddenly have questions — I answer them.

How 3d max will make your life easier?

Why do you need all this?

Areas of 3D Max program may be several:

1. If you are a student or university courses in design — is the fastest way to learn 3D Max. You can do a diploma in 3D and simultaneously learn a new profession.

2. If you are a designer, it is an opportunity to submit a draft to the customer without hiring an outsider visualizer. This is especially useful for those who do not like (like me) to draw by hands.

3. If you''re a student — you help your fellow students to do projects of diploma.

When there is no time for everyone — you''ll be simply irreplaceable. You can earn on this.

4. If you''re going to start a career as a designer — there is no better way to start working

than to learn 3d max. You''ll create your own projects with great effect and style.

5. If you have no experience, you will always find a good job as assistant architect or designer and will implement projects and study in the same time. You can deal with designer and be his right hand. So you learn profession quickly.

6. You can also create design in 3D and edit it together with the customer. You can use 3d max as a tool for devising design. There is significant advantages. You can immediately see the volume.

7. You no longer have to communicate with modelers and visualizers for a long time to adjust project so that it looked like that you want. Anyone who has experienced this will understand Visualizers ask for a lot of money and make stupid design mistakes. Their control and issuance of comments takes as much time as would be required to perform that task from the begining. In addition, it is unnecessary weak link in the way of project.

You can easily remove it. (Not completely). How to work with modelers effectively

I''ll tell in the training materials.

8. You are able to provide what is most difficult sections and re-verify themselves before to give drawings to the construction.

9. This simplifies supervision. It''s enough to give a sample with the size to builders and to say — to build as drawn. There are many questions just disappear.

10. If you manage people, you have to know how much time goes to this or that operation to control the time and budget. In this case, knowledge of 3D Max will be useful

11. Finally, it''s just a pleasure — to do so, as later will be built.

Why you should begin now?

You can choose any time of participation of the training, but the facts are such that if you do not decide in the coming weeks, you do not. If you really need it — nothing should stop you. Just do it.

Write on coaching@d-e-s-i-g-n.ru or call +7 903 5761700

To register for training, to learn more or ask a question.

Which way is still possible to study the 3D Max?

There are many ways in the world.

1. By yourself

If you decide to start learning 3d max, you will meet the most common mistakes beginners. Also waiting for you non-obvious problems:

1. Surplus of information. ( Yes — not a fault, but a surplus. There are a lot of Information and training benefits — you just will not know wat to take).

2. Poor information, you did not check the quality of the material until confront with real projects.

You can initially go down the wrong path and then study will drag on for months or years.

3. Striving to understand the whole program, in hope to understand by yourself, what leads to loss of time.

4. Education of program, instead of learning how to apply it to real projects.


From this beginning when it comes to the 5th page — I got bored and uninteresting.

The main problem in the book — it gives all the available information and the task of author to create an effective guide to action. There is a description features of the program, but not the logic of its application in a particular area. Reading book, one wonders: "Everything is good, but what exactly do I do now? How to apply this knowledge? "

3.Online video tutorials

The Internet and websites have a lot of free lessons, courses and information.

You can take and implement it by yourself. How long time will it take? As far as be effective this information? I can promise you that to achieve rapid results than in the shortest time possible only in real projects under the guidance of an experienced coach.

4. Intern in the company

The normal option for students, but unacceptable for a professional with own projects, which must also pay for housing and provide for his family. Who needs result right now.

Any formal 3D Max courses. Training 1 on 1 with a professional. If the budget allows.

Going to work in the architectural studio or design studio. A good way, but you must be prepared for a 2 / 3 of the time you will perform ongoing routine. Education will be slow.

I think everyone should work and receive good money, so it''s not our way.

More options?

Please — try any link on this page:


Write on coaching@d-e-s-i-g-n.ru or call +7 903 5761700

To register for training, to learn more or ask a question.

Stanislav Orekhov, www.d-e-s-i-g-n.ru

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